Over COmm




Over•Comm was founded in 1995 thanks to the experience of public relations and advertising accomplished professionals. The Agency’s primary objective is to create and develop dynamic communication projects for business, industrial and technology companies, aimed at obtaining successful results by combining overall integrated services and tools.

Since the beginning, Over•Comm activity has been mainly devoted to the technology and hi-tech industry. During the last years, the Agency has also developed a sounding expertise in public entities communication practices: publicity, citizen information, media relations and cultural funding for municipalities, non-profit and educational organizations and so on.

Today, the Agency’s media relationships cover a range of people in the traditional printed media world, the on-line newsrooms, the e-wire systems. The specific services in this area include all press office functions such as: support to corporate and PR events, press conferences, seminars, interviews, media tours and road-shows, exhibitions and congresses meeting – supported by press releases, storyline and white papers development, speech writing, technical articles, applications notes, etc.

Anycon participates in this strategy by providing editorial and translation services, especially as regards Over•Comm’s customers brand communications, institutional sites and e-commerce platforms.


Translation & Copywriting